All of the answers to the quiz below can be found on the Canadian Baseball News web site. Be the first to email us with the correct answers and win a prize! The value of the prize will be approximately $50.00. Please include your full name and postal address and be advised that we may announce the winner on our site.

Where was Canadian player Jeremy Ware born?

How old was Claude Raymond when he hitchhiked to Montreal to try out with the Ville Ray team?

How many Blue Jays players pictured in the Photo Gallery have the same last name?

What is the title of the first piece of art on the art link?

On what date was the Canadian baseball stamp issued?

How many seasons did Tim Raines play for the Montreal Expos before he was traded in 1990?

What medal did Pat Borders recently add to his collection of awards?

Which former Blue Jays now play for the Arizona Diamondbacks?

Where is the strike zone?

Who is the leading Canadian born player in the Canadian player voting booth?

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