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ST. MARYS The most cherished memories of my youth involve the game of baseball.  One special memory I have is of playing baseball with my father, just the two of us, at the park across the street from our house. The park was actually a large, usually empty, soccer field, but that was my “Field of Dreams”.  My father would hit towering fly balls that I would chase down, hopefully catch, and then throw back to him.  We would carry out this ritual several nights every week, usually until it was too dark to continue.  Walking with my father to and from the park, and sharing in that activity together was priceless father-son bonding.

Another special memory I have is attending numerous competitive baseball tournaments every summer with my mother and father, who attended religiously.  Memories of wins and losses, or personal performances, are far less meaningful than the memories of simply being together – the long car rides to new places, the hotel rooms, the pep talks, and the unconditional love and support they gave me.

At the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, we hope that visiting the Museum, walking among our four ballfields, including the newly constructed King Field, and attending our annual Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies will incite all attendees to reflect on their special memories of the game of baseball. To accomplish this goal, we need continued support from our loyal members and partners.

As we near our year-end, and make plans for 2015, please consider making a donation in one of the following amounts:

Your gift of $35 provides three acid-free, waterproof boxes for storing baseball cards from my generation, and my father’s generation

Your gift of $75 provides new ball equipment to be used at our Kids on Deck camp and Spring Training camp.

Your gift of $125 supports the purchase of a trolley for safely storing 20 baseball bats for national tours.

Your gift of $200 provides one day of top-quality coaching for a camper at the Kids on Deck summer camp.

Your gift of $500 helps us bring the history of baseball to kids across Canada through outreach programs.

Thank you sincerely for considering a gift to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum.  With your support, we will continue to enhance the quality of experience here in St. Marys for years to come.

ST. MARYS - 18 December 2014

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For more nformation, please contact:
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